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Current Projects

We at Empower strive to educate the brilliant minds of tomorrow. In order to facilitate the process, we have different projects we're currently working on. Technological advances in recent years has given us the ability to reach students world wide and we plan on taking advantage of the vast opportunity. We are developing the following programs/projects:



Online Lectures


We're extremely excited to anounce that we've been contacted by an Engineering Professor at MIT about an opportunity to expand our horizons and offer a series of bilingual online lectures aimed towards Latin America, specifically for the countries of Peru and Mexico. The online series would focus on physical and mathematical concepts currently used in engineering. More information to come!




Our vision expands to the application of computer science with autonomous robots. We're currently exploring the opportunity of establishing a series of robotics courses in which students build robots from the bottom up, learn how to program, and compete on a national level. The robotics courses would teach students the fundamentals of design, computer science, and autonomy. More information to come!


Online Instruction


We're working on launching an online instructional component that provides the additional help needed at all hours of the day. Statistics show there are numerous students that due to the rigors and daily demands of the day, stay up late to complete homework and study for tests. We hope to provide an online component to aid students, interact with them and help them answer any lingering questions they may have. More information to come!

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